An Olive Branch and A Sword

Has anyone else had a rough week with what’s going on in the world? Has the joy stemming from the overturn of Roe V Wade dimmed in the massive shadow of division and hate spewing from one corner to the other? There is one side beaming in arrogance while another cowers in fear and drowns … More An Olive Branch and A Sword


The Middle: a poem

A response to the term “snowflake” to describe a generation reeling from the constant state of change and tragedy in which we find ourselves immersed. I am fragile, but do not mistake that for weakness. I feel easily the pain of others, but I still have my own demons. You praise one radical and condemn … More The Middle: a poem

My Testimony

It’s been quite a while since I utilized this website. I got out of writing for a while, which was a much needed break over the last year… or so. But that’s a different post for a different day. Lately, I’ve been feeling the Lord tugging at me to share my testimony. It’s taken me … More My Testimony