The Middle: a poem

A response to the term “snowflake” to describe a generation reeling from the constant state of change and tragedy in which we find ourselves immersed. I am fragile, but do not mistake that for weakness. I feel easily the pain of others, but I still have my own demons. You praise one radical and condemn … More The Middle: a poem

Giving Comfortably

While reading the first chapter of Malachi, I was stumped by this one thought scribbled into my notebook. Are you only giving to God the things you don’t need to live a comfortable life? This thought stopped me in my tracks. The other week I was scrolling through Pinterest as I have a habit to … More Giving Comfortably

Struggle? Me? Never.

I had a good study in Psalm 73 a few days ago, about how the wicked seem to prosper while God’s children seem to suffer. I was thinking about how suffering (burdens, weariness, being tired of the fight) are not always a sign that you aren’t in good standing with the Lord. A lot of … More Struggle? Me? Never.